41 Day 193 – A Volcano was here!

Whilst out walking its amazing what you can learn about a place. I visited Beacon Hill Park in Leicestershire and have done a few times but I never knew that it was once a volcano! Apparently it has some of the oldest rocks in England, although there are not too many that are exposed so that you can see them, but it gives you a feeling that you are standing on the very edge of the point of the volcano. The area reaches a point of around 800ft and gives you the most wonderful views of the surrounding countryside, wooded paths circumnavigate the park and there are plenty of benches along the route to take a break as well as a cycle path and horse riding track that runs for about 5 miles. Whilst I was there admiring the wonderful views around, I saw this guy having his photo taken……I just had to take it too as it made me smile as he balanced on one leg arms flapping around in the breeze! A good day’s walk on my doorstep!


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