41 Day 196 – Last Gasp Colour

I haven’t really had chance to go wandering over the last week and so this evening I was looking through the last shoot which was whilst I was following a towpath walk, I say shoot but it was more like a ramble by the time I had trudged across a very muddy ploughed field, mastered 3 stiles and slipped down a very steep bank whilst avoiding a really large area of flooded grassland! The weather wasn’t at its best due to some low lying mist and the light was very flat to say the least. Undaunted I continued for 4 miles until I decided to head for home, turning off the towpath and back onto the lanes that lead to a village known as Stoke Golding. Now I have cycled around and through this village many times but walking allows you to take note of the small things that go unnoticed when your in the car or on 2 wheels. The village has a long history and is most famous for being the sight of the rural coronation of the first Tudor Monarch Henry VII following the battle of Bosworth in 1485. The village was originally known as just Stoke in Saxon ages, but Golding was added around 1570 when the word signified ‘crowning’ however the word is now obsolete from the English Language. In 1381 the Saxon village was home to 130 residents but now is the home of over 2000! There are many old properties that display plaques denoting famous residents and one shows a plaque detailing the sight of one of the first mangles! Nearing the end of my rural ramble I took the path through the field that leads back towards my home but as I made my way across the field I noted a bright pink display alongside the edge of a small pond in the middle of the field. The pond was edged with the most wonderful flowers growing quite randomly but the colour against the grey of the day was simply stunning, the image today is of those beauties, a last gasp breath of Summer amongst the grey haze of an approaching Winter.


2 thoughts on “41 Day 196 – Last Gasp Colour

  1. You must be right. I cycle through Stoke Golding regulalrly and have never seen this. Guess I have my head down but should perhaps take my time more and see what is around me. I love the history in that area.

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