41 Day 197 – Bedtime at Sundown

This afternoon, after I had taken Mum out for a spot of Christmas (yes Christmas!!) shopping, I decided to head for a local park known as Bosworth Park in the old market town of Market Bosworth (the name kind of gives it away!). The park was relatively quiet as the afternoon was wearing on and the light was beginning to descend behind the woods and parkland leaving pockets of soft wintery light on the small lake. Standing quietly and not really looking at anything, just silently taking in the scene allows you to forget everyday cares and escape to somewhere else. I must have stood there for a good 10 minutes, just rooted to the spot before a very enthusiastic dog bounded up to me a almost knocked me over and out of the daze I was lost in! The owner was most apologetic but I love dogs and was wearing appropriate wear so not as to mind too much that I was now covered in very muddy paw prints! Walking around the edge of the lake I came across some ducks, busily chasing each other around an area suitable for an evenings roost, jostling for the best spot! But what caught my eye was a swan, already tucked up, head positioned under it’s white downy wing, eyes closed but still lit by the dying embers of the sun, he too lost in another place, I wonder where he goes to dream, maybe Swan lake?


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