41 Day 198 – Two Teazels

The whole idea of writing this blog was to shoot an image a day for a whole year, to establish exactly what the settings on my camera did. Now the one thing I have learned is that there are no hard and fast rules to photography, what one person likes another will not, what one setting gives may not be the same the next time round. The 2 images below are a great example of what a camera can deliver when the settings are changed. I found these teazels whilst on a break recently to the coast, it was actually whilst walking back to my car and the sun was beginning to set over the sea, but the small amount of light left was casting a lovely glow over the teazel heads. The first image which looks like a natural shot in daylight was taken at f5.6 at 1/15sec, Iso set to 100 at 95mm focal length. The result is quite a normal natural yet warm shot clearly showing the teazel in all its spiky glory. However the second image is completely different, taken at f6.7, 1/3000sec, focal length set at 190mm but the Iso ramped up to 1600 and wow what a difference! I just love the almost infra red feel to the image, making the teazel appear to almost glow like the embers of a fire, outlined so strongly against a dark background. I love both shots for completely different reasons, amazing really that what you see with the eye can be interpretted so differently by a camera with just a flick of a button!



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