41 Day 199 – Reds and Webs

Im always fascinated by the small things in life, the things that go unnoticed, yet carry on regardless of whether they are seen, heard or touched. Now spiders are one thing that frequently go unnoticed, that is until a rather hefty one makes its way across my carpet or ceiling!! They are there, hidden for the most part, going about their life cycle quietly, stealthily, achieving what nature set out for them to achieve and of course web building! If you have ever taken the time to look really closely at a web it is a real feat of natural engineering. Consider the size of a spider and then consider the size of the web it has built, super constructions of the insect world, fatal to anything that wanders in unawares, a sticky larder cupboard for fast food, and a real nightmare to us humans wandering into one and spending the next minutes trying to un-stick ourselves from it! In early Autumn my garden becomes a stage dressed in cobwebs, the star of the show waiting for their prey to wander into the trap! All I can say about this photo is that the spider who worked his magic on the barrier into work must like the colour red…or are spiders colour-blind?? Either way, Mr Spider…take a bow!




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