41 Day 202 – Yellow on Blue

I love the things that you wouldn’t ordinarily give the time of day to, they have a way of suprising you. Like this little plant, alongside the edge of the lake at Bosworth Park, not much to look at from first glance, but then step closer, take a good look, that’s when you see the perfect shape, the complexity of the seed-head, beautifully domed but seemingly all dried up and now facing the elements. I focused in quite close and took the shot but its only when I looked on the back of the camera that something almost magical happened, the simple seed-head which looked bland and lifeless against the grey of the lake suddenly became this intense golden crown, with a beautiful burst of gold as it’s backdrop, the darkened stem leaping out of the photo at you, the deep blue of the lake emphasized against its glow….ordinary became extraordinary to me!



2 thoughts on “41 Day 202 – Yellow on Blue

  1. Beautiful photo with beautiful colours ! That’s what I love about photography, everything looks more sublime !

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