41 Day203 – Swans on Flood Water Field

Driving to work a few days ago I couldnt believe the amount of rain that had fallen, flooding lanes and villages on my route, turning ploughed fields into shallow lakes. One field in particular borders the lane that I drive and the water had risen to almost the height of the road, swamping the fences and overflowing into the ditch, luckily it had not breached onto the lane! The light at that time of the morning was soft and low and the colours it cast across the water was so soft, like a watercolour painting. As I drove past I saw 2 swans appear from the edge of the flooded field and glide regally into sight, taking great pleasure in their new found home. I just had to stop! but as always there was so much traffic behind me so I drove to the end of the lane and then promptly turned round and headed back, stopping a few yards away on the grass verge, careful not to go to close to the saturated ditch. Then, would you believe it! My batteries died in my camera!! Admittedly it was only my small pocket camera but I was livid! Marching back up the lane to the car I had only one option, to use my phone camera, so not quite the shot I wanted, definately not as crystal clear and sharp as I would have liked but still a pleasing shot.


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