41 Day 206 – Light, Camera, Action!


Its that time of the year again…well almost! First the advent calender goes up, the lights get wrestled out of the loft, the outdoor tree gets positioned somewhere between the TV and the sofa, the baubles are hung (the cats get hyper!) Then the cards…..check last years list to make sure you dont forget the couple you met on holiday 20yrs ago, or Aunt Edna who you also havent clapped eyes on for 20yrs, battle with the envelopes that simply wont stick, compile several variations of a shopping list to ensure all eventualities are covered (basically youre feeding the 5000!) Spend hours surfing the internet for inspiration on what to buy friends and family, remember your budget!!! Wish you had paid more for broadband connection when warp speed 10 is simply not fast enough to beat ‘madharry69” to that online auction bargain (which subsequently blew the budget set earlier an now you’ll be paying that credit card for the next 3yrs!!!) Rescue the cat from the top of the tree and wrestle the art deco feather covered robin out of the cats jaws for the 3rd time (when will I learn??) Top up the Christmas cake with brandy, top up your glass for the 4th time (is that cat up the tree again??!) Fall into the chair and BREATHE!!! Yeap, Christmas is almost upon us, so charge up your glasses and charge up those camera batteries…….Light, camera and ACTION!!!


6 thoughts on “41 Day 206 – Light, Camera, Action!

  1. A terrific post that had me grinning from ear to ear and the photographs really grabbed my attention with all the positive and negative shapes, almost like László Moholy-Nagy. Lucy I particularly like the second shot in b+w, the angle and composition draws you in, it has the feel of a piece of off the wall architecture.

    • Wow thanks James!! I was sat watching TV and had the mini tree on the TV shelf with all the lights off, thats when I thought lets capture that! Didnt realise how hard it was to shoot in a dark room with just the fibre optic ends glowing!! But several setting changes later and hey presto! Good fun too! Thank youfor such an amazing comment, to be liked to another is surreal!!

    • Thank you so much Phil for a lovely comment! Thats the thing with photography, you never quite know how it will turn out! Might use them as a Christmas card image next year!! Have a great weekend!

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