41 Day 207 – Jack Frost Back with a Bite

Wow! Without warning we announce that cool character with a heart as cold as ice and a look that can freeze you from a hundred paces is back in town! Yep you guessed it, Jack Frost! That slippery character who can turn the pavements white overnight, ponds into an ice-rink at a blink and turn hands blue right on cue! Exiled for most of the year he’s back to make  trouble, coming to a town or village near you! leaving his shimmering blanket wherever he goes. Pensioners all over the land are reaching for their zimmer frames in the vain hope of remaining upright, but Jack has no sympathy for young and old alike, he is ruthless! You have been warned! Windscreens are a particular favourite whilst he enjoys freezing bin lids and locks solid! prepare to scrape….prepare to slip and most importantly prepare to de-ice!

_MG_1089 _MG_1144webIMGP0325web


4 thoughts on “41 Day 207 – Jack Frost Back with a Bite

    • Thanks once again! I was trying to acheive a different angle, its the top of a tree stump infront of a lake and so the blue of the water was amplified against the shimmer of the frost. But youre right, the bokeh came right into play! Completely without trying!!

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