41 Day 211 – Christmas, Cars and Chaos

Well its that time of the year once again, the time of the year when parking your car becomes even a bigger nightmare than usual!  You set out earlier than ever in the hope that you are the only one that thought of this little trick, beat the rush and beat the masses you say to yourself! But then there is that moment of realisation when you turn in to the car-park only to be confronted by what seems like millions of other shoppers, who obviously came up with the same ingenious plan to go early to beat the rush! Arghhhhh I hear you cry! You jostle for position, revving the engine as you creep forward with the attitude of a truck……horns beep wildly as people aim their metal steeds for a gap that doesn’t exist,  parents with frayed tempers snap at children asking for the hundredth time ”are we there yet??’ But slowly you creep ever closer to that illusive goal of parking the car! And then, there it is, the holy grail of all car bound shoppers…….a parking space! how wonderful is that oblong of 9ft by 6ft (or thereabouts)…….but just as you swing for the glorious gap a 4×4 blocks your path with its elevated height and bumpers the size of a small country!  You hit the brakes and curse at your bad luck (for the 12th time) and once again you are sent on the merry-go-round of the car park one way system (children ask again ”are we there yet??”) the temperature gauge climbs closer to boiling point as does your blood pressure (will you ever find that space?) And then, just as you’re about to give up hope there it is, your salvation, a space! You aim and you score! Yessssssssssssss you cry with a laugh that would win you a role as the baddy in next years panto and 4 other cars and their occupants resign themselves to the merry-go-round! The engine stops, the metal clinks with the heat of the battle now won and you release the wheel, hands clammy from the vice-like grip of sheer determination! But then the realisation dawns that this was just the beginning…….the shops await and the nightmare that is the queue looms! Welcome to Christmas shopping!




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