41 Day 217 – Duotone Landscape

Some months ago I took a shot of this view across a field entitled Gold and Black, the rapeseed oil crop was in full effect and against the grey heavy sky of an oncoming storm it looked so dramatic. So, on my way home from Coombe Abbey I decided to revisit the same location to see how it looked against the stark grey and white of the recent snows. I love the contrast between the two images, one alive with colour, the other devoid of anything remotely interesting, although I actually really like the contrast between the dark grey foreboding skies and the crisp white of the recently fallen snow, a few twigs sticking up through the blanket of white, a few outlines of trees in the distance creating a natural break between grey and white. Something of a step away from my usual image but then again isn’t that what this blog was supposed to be about, to try something new, to achieve something different, to capture the old and the new……and to occasionally break the mold!




One thought on “41 Day 217 – Duotone Landscape

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