41 Day 219 – Gated Isolation

I set out last year to photograph all that is around us, everyday life that seldom achieves recognition as a way of teaching myself how to use my camera. I have photographed lots of different things since I began, and more and more I am trying out my own ideas rather than copying others or play follow my leader. My logic behind this is that those people can obviously do it a lot better than me, so I am leaning more and more towards going my own way, finding a different perspective on the ordinary, but all the time finding inspiration in others. This shot is one from the weekend, id spent a good couple of hours wandering the parklands, noticing others with cameras, observing their endeavours…. all the time wondering what they had on their memory cards yet feeling as though I wanted to do something far removed from their creations. So, feeling a little despondent I headed home along the lane that I travel almost everyday on my way to work and that’s when I saw the views I had created in  my mind, the single hedgerow cutting through the snow laden land posted a few days ago, and a single gate left open, faded string reaching out on the icy breeze, the only movement in an otherwise frozen vista, the gate open but to where with the horizon lost in the glare of the snow, stubble standing rebellious above the whiteness and a feeling of glorious isolation…inspiration indeed.




7 thoughts on “41 Day 219 – Gated Isolation

  1. that’s exactly my view with regard to taking photos.. sometimes i wonder if i could take photos as good as the others but i want to learn taking photos my own way, well sort of trial and error thing.. i do believe that over time, the photos i’ve taken now are a lot better (in my humblest opinion) than those that i took then.. and slowly i became more comfortable with doing it my own way with inspirations that i get from others..

  2. Hi Lucy, really like this picture and since looking at it I can’t help but think of the scene in Schindler’s List where the film is all Black and White with the exception of the girls coat. Here, instead, there is a red rope, really clever !

    • Hi and thanks Dave! Hope you have recovered from your flu! Yes, youre right, i hadnt thought of that film, I could have made the rope more striking but I didnt want to edit the photo. Im still waiting for your images to appear on here!!

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