41 Day 220 – Winter White

This is another of the images taken last weekend whilst out enjoying the recent snow. I wanted to keep the theme of white whilst trying to go a little off the beaten track, those of you who have followed me for a while know that I have tended to stay with tried and trusted methods but with the sheer brilliance of the snow I tried breaking a few rules and wanted to achieve something different. Some time ago I posted a shot of a swan sleeping, in colour, detailing the feathers and highlighting the colour in an otherwise white bird. This time I have photographed this very willing subject with the emphasis on the whiteness of his plumage. He was an absolute star, preening and posing to perfection, a beautiful Swan indeed, white as the snow around him, not in the least bit bothered by my constant fiddling with the camera and recomposing the image! So here he is in all his winter white glory…


4 thoughts on “41 Day 220 – Winter White

    • Hi there, firstly let me say thanks for stopping by and commenting! As a novice I like to hear peoples thoughts, it spurs me on! I do love swans and so these two images were really lovely to shoot!

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