41 Day 221 – Curiosity

Now you may have heard of the saying ‘curiosity killed the cat’ (as a cat lover I’m not a fan of this saying!!) but have you ever heard of ‘curiosity killed the sheep’?? As a seasoned lover of sheep I just had to stop at the side of the road and take a photo of these chaps, all huddled together feasting on a recent delivery of fresh hay, bringing a little taste of summer meadows back to them. I was shooting from a fair distance as sheep are usually quite timid creatures, choosing to rush off in the opposite direction at the slightest movement, but these little guys decided that I warranted a closer inspection, bunching closer as they edged forward, safety in numbers, still on their toes and edgy but definately bolder than the average sheep. I just loved the contrast of their thick dark brown wool against the snow, they looked so warm and cosy, almost huggable (I dont think sheep hugging is an offence??) but what I loved was this particular sheep in the middle of the flock who seemed less interested in the hay and more interested in me, almost like he is playing hide and seek! Also note the various coloured ear tags…..a sheep fashion statement maybe?





7 thoughts on “41 Day 221 – Curiosity

  1. Lovely, really like the sense of this cheeky chap popping his head up as if to say “what are you staring at”. Really unusual breed by the looks of it Lucy. Hope you have a lovely weekend and stay warm…J

    • Once again thanks JDT!! It was such a coincidence when I saw your post! But he does have a really cheeky look about him and Im not sure of the breed, may have to try to find out but they rate a close second to the Herdwicks of the Lake District fells! Hope you have a great weekend too!

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