41 Day 224 – Lucy, Latin for Light

A little bit of Latin there for you! The only other Latin I know is my old school moto, Veritas, meaning truth, oh and a few plant names!! Language fascinates me, although learning it has always proved rather more difficult, how on earth I managed to pass French still baffles me! And as for those language CD’s that promise that you will be fluent in less than 2 weeks well I’m not sure they ever tested it out on someone like me! But I really envy those who are multilingual, in fact most of the world knows English  which is fantastic for the likes of me abroad, but it also shows just how lazy the British are, relying on the rest of the world to know English! One day I have promised myself that I will attempt to learn French or Italian…..but in the meantime language eludes me. The image today is a section of a small lamp that sits in my lounge, I was fascinated by the patterns formed by the twisted wicker against the bulb, another image from my ‘rainy days’ selection!



2 thoughts on “41 Day 224 – Lucy, Latin for Light

  1. Like the picture. Very true about languages and I have never really mastered more than checking into a hotel ordering a drink and getting a taxi. Last time I was in Rome I was in a very nice restaurant in the centre and almost disappointed to find the menu in Italian AND English. Took away all the guess work ! Ciao 🙂

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