41 Day 226 – How Long Will Your Stay Last?

Some years ago I had the fortune to stay at a fabulous Malmaison Hotel in Oxford. Some of you may have already looked at the image and guessed that this hotel was indeed a former jail and prison! It stands right in the centre of Oxford and alongside the actual hotel stands a museum which if you get the chance to visit you simply must go! I wont ramble on about the place but I have added a link below if you want more info as it really is a fascinating location. The rooms vary in size but the standard rooms consist of  two cells joined together, original features such as the prison doors and windows are all still in place, as are the walls and general layouts, but the rooms are sumptious! The sound the door makes when you close it behind you is really chilling and you really feel like you are locked in!  Upon walking through reception you enter the main hallway, and the view is breathtaking, two levels of cells with all the original railings and walk ways as well as the staircases at either end and the most fantastic view as you look up of the light coming through the ceiling. I can only imaging that the former occupants of this building were not quite so impressed about their surroundings and most definately wouldn’t have paid to visit! Visit www.malmaison.com/oxford  for more info……



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