41 Day 228 – You Need Hands to …….

Hold, wave, clap, give, receive, grip, open, close, twist, shake, touch, feel, catch, stroke, say hello, say goodbye……how many words describe what your hands can do? I’m sure these are just a few, but have you ever really stopped to look at your own hands, consider what they have done for you over the years, and yet how we neglect them! Our faces we cover in moisturiser in the vain attempt to hold back the years, our bodies we exercise in the hope of remaining young a little longer but our hands are exposed constantly to everything we throw at them, cold weather, hot water, abrasive substances, chemicals, rough surfaces, the list is endless. Yet they work tirelessly for us all our lives until we have no more breath left in us…..take a look at yours and consider for a moment what your hands mean to you……….



3 thoughts on “41 Day 228 – You Need Hands to …….

  1. You are so right ! I think we take for granted all the parts of our body. I know very well how our hands are so important since I have rheumatoid arthritis and have difficulties to do certain things. It is often when we are deprived of something that we see how important it was.

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