41 Day 229 – At The Car Wash Yeah!

This struck me as quite a comical moment, I’m sat at the car wash in town whilst the guy does the attended pre-wash bit, spraying the alloys and jet-washing the windscreen, I have the radio on even though I know at some point the radio will lose signal! He beckons me to move forward onto the bit that rolls your car through the automated car wash and advises me to engage neutral but leave the engine running, I haven’t seen him here before and so he does not know that I am a regular here and so know the drill well (after an incident where I automatically switched off the engine which resulted in losing the power-steering which in turn resulted in  my car being bumped along as the wheel were locked in the wrong position…..hmmm embarrassing!!)……anyway, just as the light goes green and the car lurches towards the huge rolling blue brushes and fluroescent purple foam the radio starts to play ”At The CarWash” by Rose Royce! So there I am, sat in my car in the middle of the car wash singing ”At the Car wash” at the top of my voice…….coincidence or what???






4 thoughts on “41 Day 229 – At The Car Wash Yeah!

    • Ha! The car in front wouldnt have been too impressed! It was a really funny moment, good job no one could see me laughing (or hear me singing!) Maybe I hould have turned it into a competition to see who could guess what it was! May do that next time!

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