41 Day 231 – Wave From a Pope

A few years ago I visited the awe inspiring city that is Rome, I was truly amazed. I have always had a passion for history but this place is something very special, its living breathing history at every turn. I spent 2 days there the first time I visited, most definitely not long enough, my second visit again was a short stay and so I have it on my list of things to do to return and spend a week there. Having visited the Vatican and St Peters basilica it was time for a spot of lunch. Remarkably my friend and I found a restaurant right on the corner of the main street that leads to the square and so took up our seats and placed our orders (In English!). Whilst waiting for the order to arrive we noticed that the surrounding streets had gone from being relatively quiet to being 5 deep at the edge of the roadside, the noise levels were increasing with anticipated chatter and police were positioning themselves on their motorbikes…..lunch arrived but before we had chance to take a bite a loud cheer made its way towards us, we stood up on the top of our chairs to see what the fuss was about and to our absolute shock and delight it was none other than the Pope himself, in his papal car surrounded by security men and accompanied by his aide driving towards us! I had no idea he was due to make a visit outside of the Vatican and to be fair I wasn’t at all sure that he was even there! This shot really was a lucky shot, it appears that he is waving directly at me, but no sooner had he arrived he was gone, the crowds disbursed and we resumed our lunch break, amazed at our luck and timing. People travel thousands of miles to catch a glimpse of the Pope, stand for hours awaiting his arrival, we simply happened to be at the right place at the right time, a wonderful day and a wonderful memory.

Wave From a Pope


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