41 Day 232 – Underneath the Arches

I’Underneath The Archesve been taking a trip down memory lane with old photos, mainly because the weather has been so very wet and cold of late. I even looked back at the posts that I made this time last year and although the weather was still relatively cold it was bright and so enabled me to shoot outdoors frequently. So, having delved into the depths of my hard drive I found some interesting photos from various trips, including this shot of a section of the Forth Bridge taken during a stop off en route home from Speyside in Scotland. Now at this time I only had a small pocket camera but it interests me to see that I already had an eye for shooting detail rather than the whole view. I remember standing on the steps of the cafe that we had stopped at and looking across at the expanse of metal that spans the Firth of Forth, trying to imagine the men who constructed it in an age of manual labour and damned hard work! Blood sweat and tears a plenty no doubt. A feat of British engineering that still stands testament to our endeavours weathering the storms and carrying the weight of the travellers making their way to the other side.



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