41 Day 234 – And All That Jazz

For some time now I have been revisiting the past, looking at old photos. That’s the wonderful thing about a photo, it can trigger memories and feelings like no other media. In a split second you are right back at that moment in time, the energy of that moment still lives on. You smile at some old distant memory, you remember the good times, you lament the bad times, you pause for a second and today evaporates into yesterday. You are there, transported back in time, who said time travel wasn’t possible? Its right there in our photographs whether they are framed on the shelf of electronically framed in our computers, tablets and mobile phones…….taking us back down the paths of our lives. For many years I taught dance classes, children mainly but some brave adults too! My memories of those children, teenagers, young people will never leave me, their vitality, determination, and sheer enjoyment in their faces and in their achievements, the look on the faces of children who had never set foot on a stage in front of 800 people now applauding them loudly. The child who had  never achieved a high mark in an exam, now rewarded with a gold medal, even the child dragged in by their mothers who want to relieve their own childhood dreams of becoming a ballerina suddenly find a confidence and energy they never had and bounce out with a smile and a balletic leap learned moments earlier! Only I hold these memories, but the photos can be shared with you all, and give you a small window into a past that’s long gone but always there.



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