41 Day 238 – Crocus make Spring Debut

Wandering around there are signs that Spring may not be so far away although looking out the window this morning it seems as if Winter is making a return yet again. Speaking to my dad yesterday it feels as if winter has gone on and on and still has something to throw at us, as I look out the window it is snowing! But, last week I enjoyed a taster of whats hopefully to come, the sun shone all day and it felt warm to the skin. Birds were singing high in the tree tops and hedgerows appeared to have a hint of green about their spindly branches, crops are starting to emerge and the once brown fields now sprout a green stubble. At this time last year I posted images of snowdrops, this year I have found the riot of colour provided by the humble Crocus too good not to share, especially when planted in abundance, pale purples with a blase of yellow reflecting the colour of Easter eggs in the confectionery shop windows, a welcome cheeryness in an otherwise greying landscape.




One thought on “41 Day 238 – Crocus make Spring Debut

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