41 Day 239 – Thoughts and Words and Deeds

I am Happy, I am sad

I am here, I am glad

In a world of commotion affecting emotion

Who knows what tomorrow

Feelings you’ll borrow

How others affect you

In all that you try to

Achievement and strife in a challenging life

Make a difference to others

Your sisters your brothers

Aggression or kindness

Ignorance and blindness

To see only the best puts your faith to the test

I am happy I am sad

I am here

I am glad.

(A poem by Lucy Gutteridge)



2 thoughts on “41 Day 239 – Thoughts and Words and Deeds

  1. Hi Lucy! So please to meet you, and I love your poem as well as the photograph that goes with it! Very sweet! AND, I really like the photo you’re using for your blog site – where is that? It’s gorgeous! Many thanks for liking my post “Boggy Waters” very much appreciated!

    • Hi Laurie
      Good to meet you too! Thank you for such a great message , its good to know that a pot hits the mark now and again! The photo for the site was taken at Crummock Water in The Lake District, Cumbria, the water level was quite low and so the shore line was revealed and this old tree branch, very dramatic. I visited a year later and the water level was so high you couldnt see anything but water! A lucky shot! Will be following you as love your Winter shots!

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