41 Day 241 – Ok So It May take Me a Little Longer Than Planned…..

As the header states, this year of photography blogging may just take me a little longer than I planned, but that’s just the way it goes. I started out with the intention that i would photograph something everyday, easy i hear you say, but then when you begin it becomes clear that you become more fussy about what you shoot and what you post! Well that’s whats happened with me, I wont settle for the quick shot of a sunrise, or a piece of fruit at lunchtime, I want the images that you only seem to see gracing the covers of magazines, shot by professionals who have then spent days editing the original into something it never was! Only I wont edit! Then there are the shots that you only see when you are driving, and you are unable to capture due to the other commuters around you hustling and jostling you on their way to work. Of course there is always that amazing shot that you couldnt get because at that moment you didnt have your camera…..but sometimes you know there is more to life than a photograph, sometimes you have to stop and look with your own eyes, and committ the image to your own photographic memory banks…..there forever, to be recalled at will wherever and whenever, un-blogged, un-processed, un-spoilt!


As the crow flies


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