41 Day 244 – A Simple Portrait made Cool

In my last post I mentioned that it is snowing yet again! So,to keep the ‘white’ theme going I am posting a photo that I took some time ago. I took a simple shot and then using PS just inverted the image and then raised the level of contrast until I got a pleasing image in black and white. I really like the effect and may just have to try this again some time!



5 thoughts on “41 Day 244 – A Simple Portrait made Cool

  1. I have to agree with you Lucy this is a really interesting effect, a really strong graphical image. Sorry I have not responded sooner, it appears the updates on wordpress had thrown my blogs I follow list into turmoil. Back on track now though. I hope you have a great week….

    • Hi James, once again many thanks for the continued support, posts have slowed a little mainly due to the weather, but I hope to read more of yours soon! You have a good week also, hope the weather is not too bad for you!

      • You are more than welcome and thanks very much Lucy and I know what you mean about the weather…I suppose you are still being hit by the snows whereas here at the moment the sun is shining but it is rather chilly. I hope you have a great Easter should we not chat via the blog before hand

      • Yes You have a great Easter too! The snow is clearing but slowly! Its just soooo cold! Even my camera has slowed down!! The shutter operates but there is a delay in writing to the card, and so you miss the second shot!! Roll on lazy hazy days of Summer!

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