41 Day 248 – Talent and Tenacity

I recently watched a programme about wood carving, something I have never really considered previously until I had a conversation with my Dad in his garage whilst he created a new bird feeder for me out of nothing more than a few ends of unused wood that he had saved up for a rainy day. My Dad is good like that, he can make something out of nothing, I would call that a talent in itself! But he will spend hours with the door closed creating things that others would pay good money for and I’m proud to own a bird table, bird nest box and a various other hand crafted items that he has made by hand. The programme’s focused on people from a bygone era, mostly unknown to me with the exception of Thomas Chippendale, who had spent their entire lives dedicated to their passions often for very little reward or acclaim, seems history is full of poor craftsmen who never saw their works realise the dizzy prices now demanded. One particular programme focused on Grinling Gibbons, a man who poured every emotion into his work and created some of the most stunning wood carvings we see today in  locations such as St Pauls Cathederal and many fine English Country Houses, only to die relatively broke as many of his rich employers failed to pay up once the work was completed. Although the carving in my photo is not that of Gibbons, it is by one of his tutors and inspirations Samuel Watson, a stunning display of his work which is so lifelike and tactile you find yourself forgetting that it is all carved out of a single piece of Limewood, by hand………talent and tenacity indeed.

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