41 Day 257 – Even Horses Need Hugs

Even horses need hugs…after a difficult dressage test this horse seems to be enjoying his hug! Dressage is a real test of control for both the horse and rider and although it seems to look effortless and easy there is a tremendous amount of work going into the combination to ensure success. In fact if you watch a dressage rider and their horse and it looks effortless then they have succeeded! It is a display of all the paces a horse needs to master including walk, trot and canter although these are just the basic paces most people associate with riding and there are many more difficult movements that the horse is required to perform including extended trot and counter canter. The rider should always remain almost static with very little movement coming from the body arms or legs, as if the horse needs no instruction and is performing the test from memory, something which the riders sometimes suffer with – memory loss half way through the test! But this combo performed to perfection, smooth flowing and rhythmical, in tandem, perfectly together, a well deserved celebratory hug!

Even Horses Need Hugs


4 thoughts on “41 Day 257 – Even Horses Need Hugs

    • I absolutely love it! having owned horses in the past and my love of photography I’m never happier than when out in the fresh air at an event! Some really nice images on your link!

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