41 Day 260 – Race to the Top

I just had to capture these two cheeky fellas whilst I was out and about in my local park. They began by charging past me at speed as I was walking through the woodland section and they really were on a mission,  disappearing in and out of the trees, undergrowth flying around as they scampered through the grass. Just as I focused my camera on them they vanished from sight, but reappeared travelling vertically towards the canopy, one on one side and one on the other! A high speed game of chase, equally matched in pace and each outwitting the other! Hilarious!

Squirrel Relay


3 thoughts on “41 Day 260 – Race to the Top

  1. You actually got both in one shot! We have these critters all over our yard and I’ve yet to take the time to get two of the “kids” (yes, I am quite certain there are generations in our yard) hopping around like they’ve had more than enough coffee! And yes indeed, extremely fun to watch. Appreciate your liking my posts “In This Corner” and “Tail Feathers”.

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