41 Day 263 – An English Rose


6 thoughts on “41 Day 263 – An English Rose

  1. Great use of the natural lighting here Lucy and I really love the first image of the crisp white rose with the stem fading into the dark, just enough light to give the shot contrast. I hope you have a great weekend, best regards, James.

    • Thanks James! It was a quick 10 mins but I couldn’t resist as they looked so lovely! Light is something you can only capture, never tame, its fleeting and I was just lucky to use what light I had for those 10 mins! Thanks again for your comments, they spur me on!

    • Hi Laurie, the light was totally natural, the vase was placed on the edge of the kitchen sink that is infront of the window, I then angled the flowers to be facing towards the light, and then just adjusted the aperture and speed until I cut out most of the light except the strong light at the front of the flowers……trial and error!! I don’t have any lights, strobes or flash units so always rely on natural light! Which can be challenging !!!

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