41 Day 264 – Right Place Right Time Right Pleased!!

I had the sheer pleasure in being in exactly the right place at the right time for once! How many times have I left home without my camera only to then miss something spectacular! I guess it happens to everyone at some point but this weekend I was fortunate indeed to be out and about just as a Spitfire and a Hurricane flew over during some Dambuster Weekend celebrations over Leicestershire. The photo cannot convey the sound as they approached, infact for some seconds I scoured the horizon unable to locate what or where the sound was coming from, but then they appeared, wing  to wing barely meters above the ground! Camera now shaking somewhat with excitement I managed to focus and shoot as they buzzed overhead and into the distance only to turn and head straight back towards me! I couldnt believe my luck and continued shooting, the two of them so close they could have reached out and touched each other! For several minutes they circled upwards and split, only to rejoin each other at close quarters and perform their moves with such grace and technical ability that it left you in no doubt that they knew what they were doing and could get the very best from their machines! As they departed into the distance I felt emotion and pride, not only for the pilots at the controls, or the ground staff who so lovingly keep these historic machines airbourne, but for the pilots who flew them in the war, not flying for pleasure or for thrills, but flying for their country, their compatriots and their lives…………and the many who took off never to return…….

Images are of the Spitfire and Hurricane i think which are based at RAF Conningsby in Lincolnshire…….check them out on facebook for more info.

A Spitfire and a Hurricane from RAF Conningsby, Lincolnshire

A Spitfire and a Hurricane from RAF Conningsby, Lincolnshire


4 thoughts on “41 Day 264 – Right Place Right Time Right Pleased!!

  1. Well captured Lucy! The sound as they roar over-head is immense and I have to say it does fill you with a sense of pride and a thought for those that have served and are serving in the forces. I hope you have a wonderful weekend…ps camera at the ready..lol

    • Hi James
      yes the sound was incredible, you could hear them for a while before you could see them, didn’t know where to aim the camera!!
      PS the camera was at the ready last weekend, a few posts coming up!!!

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