41 Day 266 – Bluebells Among Ancient Woodland

I had driven past this woodland several times recently and on each occassion had desperately wanted to stop and admire them at close hand, so on Saturday I headed out with one purpose, to photograph the bluebells among the trees. After a couple of drive by’s looking for somewhere to park the car safely I found what looked like an entrance, only upon pulling in I realised that the way was blocked by a heavy gate! What was even worse was that there was a huge Forestry Commission sign stating that the ancient woodland was private and trespassers would be fined upto a thousand pounds if caught in the woods! Now I can appreciate that whoever owns the woodland would want to protect it and keep it unspoilt, as it has stood for over 400 years but what a shame that no one can enjoy the absolute beauty and splendor of the sight of thousands of bluebells dancing in the slithers of sunlight that manage to filter down through the canopy of oaks and ash, tiny dancers costumed in hues of lilacs and blue, a chorus line of magical fairy bells, here for a short performance before retreating backstage and allowing the trees to become the leading role once more…….let me add that the photo was taken from behind the low mesh fence having scrambled down the ditch and avoided several bramble bushes! For one I absolutely did not want a thousand pounds fine and I have total respect for all things nature!


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