41 Day 269 – Longing For The Lakes

I don’t think for one minute I will be able to afford a holiday this year, maybe a short break at some point but a short break never satisfies my appetite for the Lake District. I have visited the Lakes for several years now and although I can say I know my way round, there are so many places I would like to visit, and places Id like to re-visit. It is an ever-changing place, no two visits are ever the same and there in lies the attraction, especially to a photographer like me because no matter how many times you photograph a place or an area in the Lakes it never looks the same! Even in a visit lasting an hour you can capture so many variations in light that it amazes you! So today I am bringing back some memories, I have revisited some photos from my last visit, in the hope that I can feel like I am back there once more, until the next time…..


2 thoughts on “41 Day 269 – Longing For The Lakes

  1. A place I would love to visit and to stay for a few days to try and soak in some of this magical landscape. I have to agree with you Lucy a landscape that you can visit and revisit without ever having the same experience twice, that’s the beauty of mother nature. i hope you have a wonderful weekend and once again great images. Best regards, James

    • You should really book yourself a mini break there, in the few years I have been visiting it has almost become my spiritual home! I feel so sad when I leave for home, although once I’m home I’m happy to be back. If home was in the Lakes then I would truly have found my nirvana…..The weekend was busy, but enjoyable! Hope yours was too!

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