41 Day 273 – Butterflies & Blooms

Or should that be blooming butterflies?? After quite some time in sweltering heat, yes British Summertime seems to have arrived, I walked back down the lane toward my car somewhat frustrated. I haven’t actually spent much time trying to photograph butterflies so didn’t appreciate just how difficult it is. Garden varieties seem much more at home in front of the camera, more interested in the nectar that lies within the flower they land upon, but the field varieties seem much more nervous, edgy almost frantic and definitely more challenging as they don’t appear to ever pause for breath or land for any more than a nano second. Here are a couple of subjects, please accept my apologies in advance for the slight blur, but hand holding a rather heavy 35-350mm lens whilst focusing on these acrobats proved to be a lesson in weight management and spur of the moment focusing!!


6 thoughts on “41 Day 273 – Butterflies & Blooms

  1. I would never be able to have a good shot with a handheld 350 mm, but you did quite good, especially the third one. Beautiful photos of these butterflies !

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  3. You nailed it I think. I do agree about the field variety being very flighty. And tripods do help if they are in one area, but when flitting around every which way I find the tripod just gets in the way. I’m learning to scan with one eye thur the finder and one open watching the butterfly. (does that make sense?)
    I am wanting to find out more about mariposas lately. Maybe it’s time for a new book. Are you finding less butterflys this year do you think? Here in New Mexico it’s been terribly dry and I think it’s playing a role in less of them down along the river. Even up here on the high plateau where we live, there are less than before.
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting too.
    peace n abundance,

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