41 Day 277 – A Change in Direction

For over a year now I have been photographing the ordinary and the not so ordinary, the aim well to try to improve my photographic skills, to see new things that I never noticed before and to share then with the blogging community out there and hopefully make you smile now and again. I have also learned much from reading your blogs, and very much enjoy taking a peak into your worlds for a few minutes each day. Time is a huge factor in life and I have begun to feel like having too many social networking projects on the go is just not the way forward. So, I have decided to shut down my other pages on facebook etc and concentrate on my blog. I also want to change the direction of the blog just a little, it will still be about my photography journey, only I want it to reflect more about the places, people and wildlife that I find along the way. At some point i would like to change the format but I need to study how to do that before I dive in! So, a big thank you for all of you who like and comment on my blog and I look forward to continuing the journey with you all….

View across Barcelona City

View across Barcelona City


3 thoughts on “41 Day 277 – A Change in Direction

  1. I totally understand Lucy…we often spread ourselves across the social networks and then find we are not going out to network or enjoying life to the full. I look forward to the forth coming journey with your new ideas for your blog and wish you all of the success you deserve.Have a great time in Yorkshire.

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