41 Day 279 – Dragons and Damsels

Fairy tales have always fascinated me, where did they originate and how come they have stood the test of time, having been handed down from generation to generation. Tales of ferocious dragons and damsels in distress, monsters and villains as well as the happy ending. Recently I was lucky enough to take part in a macro course held at the privately owned Alvecote Wood, and taught by the owner, who’s passion was clearly evident and her knowledge simply endless. Throughout the day we were advised on tips and tricks to capture the smallest of insects and flowers and it soon became evident that stealth and a steady hand were basic requirements in order that you didn’t scare the twitchy subjects away! More relaxed subjects such as the Burnets were somewhat easier to photograph as you could get in extremely close without them seeming at all bothered. At the end of the day I returned home armed with much more knowledge than when I had begun, taking a moment to look more closely at my images from the day. The subjects shared here are a Common Blue Damsel fly, apparently recognizable by the single black stripe on its thorax and the ‘ace of spades’ marking although they are so similar to the other damsel fly’s that I’m not 100% sure! The second image is a bit more difficult and I only have my guide book to go from, but taking a guess i think it may be an Emerald Dragonfly, but again the similarities to other species is so remarkable that I really wouldn’t like to say for sure. Hopefully someone may be able to correct me if I am wrong! Luckily neither of the subjects on this occasion breathed fire or seemed in any distress, so for these two it really was a happy ending!




3 thoughts on “41 Day 279 – Dragons and Damsels

  1. These are great Lucy and having read your post I feel I have come away with having learned something about the subject matter. Canon 7D looks like a great piece of equipment and I look forward to more posts. Have a great week. J.

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