The More I Learn The Less I Know!

I have just returned from a Landscape photography course held in Malham, Yorkshire and the overwhelming feeling I have as I sit here and look at my images from the day is that the more I learn the less I seem to know about this hobby of mine, photography! It all started out so simple, a camera body and lens and a stout pair of walking boots, that was about 6 years ago… I have the same boots, but a new camera and 2 lenses but this overriding sensation that I’m out of my depth and that I seem to have chosen possibly one of the most expensive & complex hobbies possible! (after owning a horse which I did many years ago!) There is the desire to purchase more lenses but the small issue of funding them, a lens for macro work, a lens for landscapes oh and a lens that fits the middle ground would be nice too! Then there’s the accessories, several batteries as 2 was definitely not enough for 9hrs on Live View mode….filters which now seem a necessity rather than an nice addition if your going to achieve those magazine quality images…oh my poor bank account, its empty at the best of times, but this hobby is like funding the debt of a small European country!ย  The two courses I have participated in recently have been amazing and yes i do believe that I have absorbed some of the hints and tips given, but I also fear that I have up until now been what they might callย  a ‘lucky photographer’ because when I try to apply the knowledge from the course it all seems to go to pot! The saying ‘ a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’ is oh so true, the more I learn the more I need to learn…and the small issue of having the right kit for the job….I really must go and buy that lottery ticket!!

Limestone Pavement





9 thoughts on “The More I Learn The Less I Know!

  1. Chin up Lucy, you turn out some cracking images with the kit you have. When people see an image they like, they don’t care if it was taken with a prime or a zoom and what the aperture setting was. They like it because they like and it strikes a chord within them. I thought that picture you took of your Dad with his winnings was great, his joy shone out of the image as he waved his money, and you captured that so well regardless of what lens or settings you used.
    Keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Chris and thanks for a great comment! You are right with what you say, I just sometimes get a bit bogged down with what others have and are able to create, but then I look back at my images and think how much I like them, and how I created them, I need to do more of that!! Glad you enjoyed my racing post, we had such a great day! Catch up soon ok! Hows your blog going??

  2. What a wonderful place to be to enjoy a photography course. You have really cheered me up with this post Lucy as I can so associate with your feelings about too much info. We can so often become swamped and want to try everything in one fell swoop. I feel time is a virtue and revisiting a place often enough is invaluable to really understand the landscape. Learning about photography for me is a life long process filled with varied experiences, so I would not become disheartened as you really are producing work that we as the viewer enjoy seeing.
    Have a wonderful day!

    • Well I guess photography is a personal thing to each of us, I have to accept that I am still learning and probably will be forever and a day! I will take your advice and hopefully continue to write and post images that people enjoy! Enjoy the week and catch up soon!

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