Garden Delights

Some time ago I purchased a box of wildflower seeds so having a rather empty border to one side of the garden I decided to simply scatter them and wait to see what if anything appeared. Within a few weeks I had what looked like a border full of weeds….but having left them to their own devices they have transformed into the most delicately beautiful display. The most wonderful thing about this patch of wildflowers is that you never really know what is going to flower next and the array of butterflies and moths as well as bees that have been encouraged into the garden by this tiny patch is amazing. Every day new flowers are appearing and every day more and more insects are coming in to feed and rest, including a very large dragonfly that seems to like the new bird bath and has dipped down onto it a few times. It just goes to show what you can achieve with the smallest of effort in an otherwise suburban garden, birds are coming in to drink and bathe, butterflies are stopping to feed and rest and bees are plentiful on the meadow mix of flowers and lavender, something I wouldn’t have expected just a few months ago. I have my own small patch of wildflower meadow, and a little piece of nature heaven.


17 thoughts on “Garden Delights

  1. I love the makeover of your blog Lucy, it’s very beautiful !
    These wildflowers are lovely and you took beautiful flowers of them 🙂

  2. Hi Lucy! Nice to visit again, and thanks for liking some earlier posts of mine, “Lake Granby, Colorado” and “Little Gardens”. Don’t you just love it when the seeds actually produce something so gorgeous? I really like this set of images.

    • Hi laurie and thanks for stopping by again! I totally agree, from tiny black seeds to amazingly complex flowers they really are a delight and I love looking out of the window at them!

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