Barley A Breeze

It has been a quiet sort of day here today, the morning was misty and cool but the sun soon broke through to bring a glorious late summer afternoon. The breeze of yesterday has given way to the calm of today, the flowers stand motionless in the garden and the tree as still as a statue. Yesterday was quite different, the breeze grew stronger as the day lengthened and the fields of barley across the way from where i live were like a turbulent sea, bending and twisting at the will of the wind. The heavy ears full of grains acting like sails tied to the slender masts, the butterflies were having a difficult time trying to bask in the sun and the odd field mouse scurried along the ground, rather than clamber up the skinny stalks to the ripe larder cupboard at the top. Capturing the motion was difficult, trying to freeze motion without losing sharpness is a challenge, so i think here is a combo of the two, a slight blur from the softer edges of focus and a nice sharp capture of the movement, barely a breeze today but breezy barley yesterday.


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