Resigned Misconception

Sometimes in life you form an opinion about something or someone, this could be based on information past or present yet it lives in your mind, surfacing occasionally to remind you or warn you. Yet sometimes we choose to ignore it, push on and move forward away from it, in the hope that we are moving towards something better and away from the past. A surface blur hiding what lies beneath. But just sometimes it serves us well, it was right all along, that gut instinct, that strange ominous feeling rising from within. Our brain may control function and fact but there is more to us than anyone knows, an inner guide that just sometimes we need to pay more attention to, from here on in I will listen.

The lake at Coombe


3 thoughts on “Resigned Misconception

  1. How I love your words Lucy ! Our intuition never fails us, never, and I always listen to it. Your photo is very beautiful 🙂

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