Fitness Thoughts……

Having had a break from blogging and photography, mainly due to work, I have decided to get back to it! Why, because I have missed it and need an outlet for my creative side that has been ignored for too long!

So, what’s new, well for too long I have been eating all the wrong things and doing very little exercise, the perils of a desk job coupled with an eternal love of anything chocolate add up to a very unhealthy me. Ive never been overweight as such, although at only 5ft in height any additional weight is felt in an instant, but I have noticed a lack of energy and a general feeling of lethargy and so I have decided to do something about it.

Having an inbuilt dislike of gyms and the inability to run anywhere let alone a 5k run coupled with the memories of years of dance classes and rigid routines I decided to go with a fitness dvd, but not any old celeb based instant transformation package, no this is a real programme aimed at getting you to committ to getting fit and doing it at a pace thats right for you.


Tonight I commenced my second round of training, 25mins per day 5 days per week, rotating cardio with selected muscle group activities…..all I can say is after the last few months of working out I thought I was fit!! But one thing is for sure, after this I WILL BE!

But when youre working out its amazing at how your mind focuses on the job in hand, but also where it can wander. The thoughts you have whilst counting away the reps, I call this the Fitness Philosophy. What drives a person, what motivates a person, does it come from within or does it originate from another, all questions that we can ponder whilst our mind is focusing in on our body. Its true of many things in life, do we simply follow the lead of others or do we instigate the plan ourselves, do you do as you see others doing or do you follow your own path? In most of our lives we are told to do things, we follow instruction, we do as we believe others would want us to do, but does that make us happy? We can absorb what others deem to be a successful formula and fail miserably, yet we can make are own decisions and find happiness.

Yet here I am, following a programme that is sold as being one of the most successful fitness programmes available, the proof will be in 25 days!

Maybe following the crowd does have its benefits after all…………………



Follow the crowd


2 thoughts on “Fitness Thoughts……

  1. Looking forward to more photos Lucy and it is good to have you back in the blogging world. Just seen some of your “selfies” and the fitness plan…….Liking the results….whoops hope this isnt too forward.
    Hope all is well and once again I look forward to more of your photographic work. Best regards,

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