Michelin crumbs

Taking a break by the calm waters of Blea Tarn in the stunning Langdale valley in Lakeland I noted a rather brazen bird scrutinising me from the safety of his woodland perch. As I approached the shoreline of the tarn he followed me closely, flitting from branch to branch as I sat down on a rather perfectly positioned rock and proceeded to unwrap my butter croissant saved from breakfast. Only I didn’t realise that this little feathered friend had a penchant for croissants too! Eagerly sitting alongside me he had no concern as he cleared up all the crumbs I provided him with, choosing to sit just inches from me and observe every mouthful ruefully, hinting for more to land in his direction. After several minutes he had had his fill and with a flick of his wings he headed back to the branches of his woodland world, no doubt to wait for the next meal to walk on by! I will call him Robin Hood!!  



4 thoughts on “Michelin crumbs

    • Hi!
      Well trying to fit life back into what has been a year of work work work!
      I really need a escape so hoping to pick up the blog again!
      Good to see you still producing amazing photography!

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