41……an odd number I know, why 41 you ask, well it’s because it was the age that I decided to begin my blog page, 41 years of roaming around this planet and the one thing that I know is that for most of those years I have owned a camera of some sort!

So I started out in the world of photography aged 5 by sneaking my Mum and Dad’s Kodak 35mm camera out of the cupboard one afternoon and once firmly ensconsed in my room proceeded to press random buttons and dials until it would fire no more. Thinking Id broken it and fearing the worst I returned it to the cupboard and kept quiet until one day Dad took it out and not remembering what was on the film decided to take it to the chemist to have it developed. This is the 70’s after all and there was no such thing as a digital camera!!!

With a very big knowing smile on his face he showed us the results of my efforts…..yeap you guessed it, ceiling shots, feet shots, the carpet etc etc etc – but I was hooked!

A few years on and I had a 110 camera, followed by a Polaroid – joyous as the photos slid out as soon as you had pushed the button, but the cost of the cartridges soon eroded the thrill of the instant photo! My pocket money simply didn’t stretch….a theme that has continued into current day!! Then came my first 35mm camera but soon even that was overtaken by a fully auto loading version, no more struggling with rolls of film which simply wouldn’t attach to the spindles!!

To be honest this camera served me well and saw many holidays at home and abroad, until it met an untimely end after being left on the grass one summers afternoon. I decided to water the grass following a few days of heat (rare I know!) and yeap you guessed it the camera got a good soaking! Never to work again.

And so to my first digital camera, a Sony 1 megapixel tiny Cybershot and wow! It was a Christmas present from my parents and they had spent a fair amount on this tiny gadget. What an amazing piece of kit! And there it began, my passion for photography, shot after shot and any bad images (and there were a few) were quickly dispatched by that wonderful invention – the delete button!

Since then I have invested in a bridge camera and then took the plunge and purchased my first DSLR. I still remember the day it arrived in the post, everything stopped whilst I assembled the lens to the body and loaded the batteries. What I didn’t consider was the learning curve from compact digital to DSLR and to this day I have so much to learn.

I am however extremely pleased that I purchased a brand that gets very little credit, Pentax. I have attended many courses only to be somewhat discounted or ignored simply because I do not hold in my hands a Canon or a Nikon, not to discredit these giants of the Digital  market as I have used them all but some of us choose to go a different way and should not be alienated because of our choices. My Dad has always taught me that its not what you have, its how you use it…and how true.

In short I have had a connection with the camera for as long as I can remember, I am still learning and will continue to for as long as I can hold a camera. I may not be the most technical photographer but I enjoy every minute. My images may not appeal to everyone but they mean something to me, after all beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Like any art form photography is personal to the individual – think of the joy the snapper has in showing you through hundreds of holiday snaps – excited about every one with its own story – whilst you sit and yawn at the repetition!

My blog is part of my learning curve, to discover interest in the everyday, to sharpen up my skills and to share with anyone who is interested.

41……..a year to remember………in digital.


30 thoughts on “About

  1. I love your enthusiasm for photography as you rightly say if your pictures make you happy that is what counts. I have just embarked on a similar project of a picture a day for a year,I have never attempted this before so hope I can find inspiration every day. Good luck with your project too.

  2. I really like your about page. A lot of me in there. You encourage me to get a little more detailed on my about page. Your father is correct, its not what you have but how you use what you have. Words of wisdom. Really like your work! Oh yeah….age is just a number. 😉

    • Thanks Tony, really pleased that Ive inspired you to write more, Im no professional and only class myself as one of the army of happysnappers who can sometimes stumble across a great shot! Since starting my blog aventure Ive seen so many amazing images, so many talented people out there most of which will never gain the recognition they justly deserve.
      Keep up the good work! Who knows where it may take us!

  3. You’re absolutely right about camera brands. I know a lot of photographers and many of them are kind of snooty about their brand. It does not matter whether you use a Canon, a Nikon, a Leica, a Pentax, or a Fuji, if you have an eye and the kind of enthusiasm you do, you will make good images. They will evolve and get better as you learn. Happy shooting.

    • Thank you so much Christina! Apologies for the delay in responding and lack of blogging over the last week but I was away with work in Paris but my hotel wifi didnt work! Endeavouring now to redeem myself! Thanks again!

    • I am really humbled and thank you for your nomination! I have received nominations for another one too but need time to work out how to do it!

      I will try to keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog “Eyes to Heart” and liking my post “Rainy Reflection …” I look forward to exploring your blog in the next little while. … Be well, Dorothy 🙂

  5. Hi there, I came across your blog a few weeks ago whilst searching for a restaurant in Ambleside called “Lucy4” and a fortunate typo lead me here ! Felt I had to comment on your story above as it is almost an identical story to my own introduction to photography except my parents got some blurred black and white pictures of the dining room furniture. I think I was about 8 at the time so should have known better.Some years later I was bought a Kodak 110 (the one with the fold out plastic handle) so I could take my own pictures. Rubbish quality but good fun when your a youngster. Progressed to a 35mm for my 18th birthday (thanks parents) then onto a Pentax Super A, really liked that camera and took some great pics but gave it away to my friends daughter for her degree course. Than as an earlier adopter in the Digital I had a stream of Kodak, Pentax and Cannons. Anyway, your pictures and naratives on here have inspired me to dig out my slightly aging Canon 350D and to get taking pictures, so thanks. Keep the pictures coming and thanks for the inspiration !
    P.S where is the Banner picture ? Looks like Buttermere or Crummock Water to me.

    • Hi Nuneaton Dave!!

      I looked for your blog but it appears that you dont have one??

      You are quite correct it is Crummock Water, up in the Lakes – my most favourite location ever! I shope one day to be lucky enough to retire there….but I guess that is a long way off!!

      Thank you for the lovely message, and Im so glad that my little blog has inspired you to get the camera out and get snapping!! Coupled with my love of walking its like a medicine to me! I can lose myself in fresh air, open countryside and trying to figure out how the heck to do something with the camera!!!

      I have actually eaten at the restaurant you mention Lucy4! Infact dont they have shops too???

      And Im only up the road in Hinckley so if ever you get stuck for a camera buddy let me know!!

  6. Hi Lucy, I don’t have a blog on here or at least not yet. You can see some of my pictures on my Facebook account, if you are on FB just search for “Dave Veasey” (I am the one with the mountain bike on top of Helvellyn) and add me as a friend. My pictures are driven by enthusiasm and a desire to record some good times and great places more than artistic talent but I am working on it !

    Well, you have good tastes in restaurants and yes I think Lucy4 does have a shop although I was actually looking for their cookery courses. That’s something else I want to improve but that’s another storey and it would be a good excuse for a trip to the Lakes !!

    Thanks for the offer of camera buddy and I might take you up on this one day and I am just on the Hinckley side of Nuneaton. I have set myself a little project to take a picture to go in my lounge, so bouncing around ideas is sometimes a good idea. Having your own pictures is so much better than buying one. I had a really good canvas picture done for my dining room from a picture I took in New York and I love it.

    Anyway, hope I haven’t rambled on and that you get to see some of my pictures.

    • Thanks Dave, I will have a look!! I agree totally with the comment regards being driven by enthusiasm, thats the exact way i see my photos, a product of a my enthusiasm and being in the right place at the right time! Oh and a whole lot of luck!

  7. Hi Lucy – nice photos, you have a real flair for this ! I don’t have a blog on here, but will follow your updates

  8. Hi Lucy, I also love my Pentax. Thanks for stopping by and subscribing to my blog. I will be following you too.

  9. Hello! Lovely to meet you and I’m so glad you like my blog! Yours seems pretty pawesome too! =^.^= Aaand you like cats! We will be furever friends for sure! Looking forward to following your adventures! Bisous Bailey

    • Well all I can say is go for it! Some of the best photographs in the world have been taken with the least expensive cameras, think about all the old masters, they didnt even have digital!! beauty is in the eye of the beholder, enjoy your photography! Thanks for stopping by I look forward to your blog!

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