Strata SE1 – Eco or Ugly?

Having taken this photo during my visit to London last year, and following on from yesterdays post and the theme of architecture I decided to find out just what this building was. I have since learned that it is called Strata SE1, is located in Elephant and Castle, Southwark and is the tallest residential building at 43 stories high. The feature that really sparks your imagination though is the 3 turbines sitting at the top of the building, looking like something from a futuristic James Bond film, ready to chop you into pieces should you skydive through them (as only James Bond would of course!). At one point in it’s history the building was voted ugliest building, however it was actually designed to be eco-friendly, with the 3 turbines designed to provide 8% of the electricity demands of the building. Unfortunately the residents in the penthouses complained that when the turbines were running, it was too noisy and the vibrations sent them insane, so the turbines were only allowed to run at certain times of the day. I cant decide whether I love it or hate it, maybe it should have been called the marmite tower… decide……





41 Day 162 – How Many Points for Photography?

When I’m out walking I often sit and think about things. I have always been a bit of a dreamer, feet firmly rooted on the ground but my head way up in the clouds! Far too often in life we simply become robots, doing the same things, the same way, over and over…..but sometimes we have to escape reality even if it is for a short while and photography is my escape. One question I often ask is this,  ‘Is photography art or science?’ I prefer to see it as art, and avenue to be explored, a different perspective on the mundane, but more and more photography is becoming a science. You can study a degree in it, become a master of it and apply mathematics and logic to it. But I would rather leave this side of it to the ‘photologists’ as I call them! To me photography is picking up the camera and transporting yourself to another place, capturing a moment, changing and challenging what the eye sees. But most of all its about not having to explain yourself, or justify your efforts, or convince others, just enjoy it and see where it can take you.


41 Day 132 – Blurred Banana!

Whilst messing around with my camera this morning I fired off a couple of shots (accidentally!) Upon looking at the LCD screen I was actually quite suprised to see a couple of quite interesting images! It just goes to show that sometimes you dont have to try very hard to achieve something a bit different. I have been following a blog for a while (although there doesnt seem to have been any posts just lately) where the photographer uses incamera effects….now what that means I dont exactly know but what I do know is that my camera doesn’t really have any (with the exception of a few filters) and their results are quite nice……generally blurred images of something where the colours have all merged and become a kind of abstract painting almost! Probably not the best description of a fellow blog, but I like to think that my accidental abstract image (of a banana) reminds me of the style of the artist Mark Rothko….so I have entitled this one ‘Banana in Yellow and Brown’ as a homage to him!

41 Day 131 – Abstract 1 Raindrops on Glass

Ok, so Im on holiday for a few days….and yeap as ever my timing is impeccable! we have the worst June weather for years and the added bonus of a so called super storm heading our way for the weekend which only occur every 50yrs according to the Met Office! So, I havent complained (too much!) and have decided to turn my attention to the rain and try to produce something positive from it……now Im not particularly good at abstract photography, to me it either works or it doesnt! So today I have tried to turn humble raindrops into something unusual. I started by simply shooting at the window and got some rather boring results…so progressed to shooting at various angles and hey not a bad result……so then I worked up and down the white balance and wow now Im getting some interesting stuff! So after then selecting some in-camera digital filters namely sepia & colour I have some nice colours & tones coming through. Finally a little bit of artistic Licence in PS and I have a nice batch of what id call abstract raindrops! Well it kept me quiet for an hour!!

41 Day 62 – An Artist and his work

A Wednesday wander around the show….row after row of exibitors, smiling faces and probably very tired feet! Walking around the far side of the show I found the area dedicated to display work by artists and designers alike, some of the practical nature and some of the more aesthetic variety…one in particular caught my eye, a piece by a local Paris artist, photographer and sculptor. Having walked around the structure, taking various photos from different angles I read the information panel to learn a little more about the artist, turning around to once again admire the intracacy of the piece a man behind me asked what I thought of it…..turning to reply I remarked on the delicacy and beauty of the piece and that it must have taken the artist many months to complete…….”a month” was his reply……”It took me just 1 month”…..a little astonished that I was actually talking to the artist himself I congratulated him on the piece, he had noted that I had taken several photos and asked whether I was a photographer! I replied that I would like to use his piece as the subject of my blog and he was more than happy for me to, and so here is the image for Wednesday 28th March, a sculpture in carbon fibre by Axel Rogier-Waeselynck (link below)…..