It’s Bank Holiday….It’s Raining!

Well, it’s another bank holiday here in the UK, or should I say dank holiday! It’s certainly dark and dank this morning but I actually love the rain as it freshens up the garden after several dry and very windy days which saw many of my perennials almost flattened. I opened up the patio doors which lead onto the back garden and the scent of the fresh rain on the plants was just heavenly. Looking down onto a small planter to see how the newly planted nasturtiums were coming along I noticed this little fella in the photo. He was upside down and clinging effortlessly to the underside of one of the nasturtium leaves, wings folded, with a few grains of pollen and water droplets visible on his furry body. I tried to look up what he was, I assume he is some kind of bee……but could not identify him clearly, however he seems to be well prepared for an English bank holiday…..using the leaf as his umbrella!!



41 Day 168 – Nectar of the Gods

I’m afraid that my target of a post each day has somewhat fallen by the wayside, although I do have a good excuse! I was away last weekend and am now in the process of moving home. Its becoming a challenge to actually reach the computer as it now sits nestled behind a wall of cardboard boxes full of possessions! So in-between the bouts of wrapping, packing and boxing up all that I possess ready for the transportation to my new abode this coming weekend   I have finally managed a window of 5mins to go outside and find an image for this post. I will endeavour to continue the blog over the next 2 weeks although I may be missing again for a short while whilst I unpack my computer and reassemble in the new house, fingers crossed that I remember where all the wires go! You could say that I have been and will be busy as a bee!