The Simple Things

IMGP4281When taking photos I used to look for the unusual, a different angle, something no one had done before. But with photography everyone has photographed everything a million different ways. So I decided to go back to basics and keep it simple. Find the subject, line up the camera and click, no editing, no long drawn out thought process, just see it and capture it, simplicity is all we need, in photography, in life.



The Friday Flower – After the Rain

Well Friday has rolled round again and what a week it has been. It started off on a positive note but unfortunately went down hill, however this seems to be the norm at the moment and so when Friday comes around it’s a relief. The tension in my neck and shoulders seems worse than ever and I think I need to see about some serious massage therapy, but until then I have my flowers to cheer me up and put the smile back on my face. Gardening has always been an outlet for me, more so now I have the greenhouse! This evening has been a treat as although it is cool, grey and damp the droplets remaining after the rain storms look beautiful on the emerging flowers and leaves, the plants seem as relieved as I do that it’s Friday, their stress has been lack of real water for weeks and so now they look refreshed and revitalised. Here is the sole surviving Allium, sadly last years terrible slug fest seems to have destroyed the other bulbs, but this one is a treat, I hope you like it! Have a lovely relaxing weekend and thanks again for all your views, likes and comments!


41 Day 20 – Finlay Pusscat

Blogging is becoming my new guilty pleasure!! Not only writing my own but reading the others that I am following! Some amazing people out there and so many fabulous photographers and seeing their images really inspires you to get out there and try something different…..I only wish I had more time to dedicate to each image! But I have a life to fit in inbetween!! The kids locally are off on half term holidays and so the traffic on the way to work is non existent affording me more time to shoot en route (pardon the rhyme there!) ….only the sky was quite bland and nondescript this morning and by the time I got home it was dark, so, it had to be a shot taken indoors. Whilst cooking dinner (ok…microwaving dinner!) Finlay my cheeky black n white tomcat was hinting at the treats cupboard by meowing persistently and the look on his face as he looked up at me was too good to miss, so I grabbed the camera and his attention and a rather cute shot…..needless to say he was well rewarded with several treats. At this point I need to mention that I have another cat, Slipper my cuddly tabby tomcat, and although he is not sharing in Finlays moment of fame he also shared in the treat fest…..absolutely no favouritism of course!!!

1 shot = 5 meaty