Walk Tall-er Shorty

Today I met with a friend who is tall. I would say in the region of 6ft 4+……….I am a mere 5ft and can just about make 5ft 2″ in heels! To say that I am small is to quote the obvious however I would prefer to be recognised as small in stature but big in heart…..sadly, throughout my life I have been subjected to many critical and even hurtful comments about my height. Why humans have to be so hyper critical of each other is a mystery to me, why they have to be hurtful with it I simply do not understand. The world seems to promote a sense of the norm, a sense of uniformity and a message that if you are different then you are to be discriminated against, my view is that all humans are unique and we should celebrate that uniqueness wherever possible, support each other and promote each other. Maybe then the world would seem a much kinder place to live. My image today is from my shoe rack, of which is stuffed full of high heels with my flat shoes resigned to the gym! At least I can choose to walk tall or walk small…….




41 Day 247 – By the Light Of The Window

In bygone times getting up and getting dressed was somewhat more challenging than it is today. Ladies dwelling in country houses had a maid who would await the call and then rush to the Lady’s room to assist her in dressing for the day ahead. Nowadays we simply reach for the few items that we generally wear and we are out the door, but not so long ago this act took a considerable amount of time, layer upon layer of garments were applied before the finished look was achieved, two or three under garments, corsets laced tightly, petticoats the list goes on. You can only imagine the weight of the clothing and the restricted movement that the garments allowed, but this must have been far outweighed by the beauty and elegance of the dress of the era. But somehow I feel we have lost something in the way we dress in modern society, the androgernous look of clothing worn by both men and women, little distinction  of the sexes, smartness replaced by a sloppy casualness. How wonderful the days of dressing up to simply go to dinner, or to dress appropriately for church, the feeling those women must have gained from entering a room and being admired for their fashion and beauty. How sad that today the same clothes are worn to dig the garden as well as to dine out…..how mundane the choice of fashions we find upon the high streets, the same stores selling the same clothes in every town and city. The hat and the glove relegated to use at weddings and funerals and countless other accessories worn by generations of English ladies now kept locked away in trinket boxes never to be worn with the pride they once were. We live in those women’s futures, a future which they dreamed of, so why do I long for their past?

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