It’s Bank Holiday….It’s Raining!

Well, it’s another bank holiday here in the UK, or should I say dank holiday! It’s certainly dark and dank this morning but I actually love the rain as it freshens up the garden after several dry and very windy days which saw many of my perennials almost flattened. I opened up the patio doors which lead onto the back garden and the scent of the fresh rain on the plants was just heavenly. Looking down onto a small planter to see how the newly planted nasturtiums were coming along I noticed this little fella in the photo. He was upside down and clinging effortlessly to the underside of one of the nasturtium leaves, wings folded, with a few grains of pollen and water droplets visible on his furry body. I tried to look up what he was, I assume he is some kind of bee……but could not identify him clearly, however he seems to be well prepared for an English bank holiday…..using the leaf as his umbrella!!



The Friday Flower….Blue-min-lovely

This is Johnson’s Blue, the most heavenly geranium I know. The colour reminds me of a Mediterranean sky, even though it is very much An English cottage garden favourite. This one is 2 years old and has been kept in a tub rather than the border but that’s so that I can move it around to work with the other perennials. A little piece of heaven, the view from my doors…..

Recycle and relax

Having changed the light fitting in my kitchen a few days ago I was wondering what to do with the old glass globe fitting. As usual it sat on the side for days, until Tuesday evening when it struck me that it could be used in the garden perhaps….so here it now stands, alongside the mini water wall, complete with a tea light, and how lovely it looks……

The Friday Flower…on Saturday

Yesterday was the end of a particularly stressful week at work and so by the time I had fought my way through the traffic and got through the front door, fed Slipper and finished my chores there was no time or energy left to write my post. So, I decided to write it this morning. The sun is out and the garden is laying heavy with the overnight rain, although the rain is doing wonders for the flowers which are all looking lovely, it’s also bringing out the snails and slugs….the battle I fear is about to begin as I moved my rocket plants and tender lupins out yesterday ……..However, the flower for today just has to be my Clematis. This is Nelly Moser, a beautiful and relatively easy to grow clematis that favours my east facing patio as it gets both sun and shade throughout the day (sun when it decides to show itself I may add!). The flowers are huge at 6-8ins in diameter and it looks sub tropical when in full flower. My Nan loved this clematis and I remember that the one in her garden was simply huge, clambering over the other shrubs and trees. I bought it because it minded me of her, smiling as she enjoyed her gardening, something we can still share even though she is gone. When something holds a memory it is good to hold on to that something……


The Friday Flower

I like to keep Fridays simple, and dedicate them to the flowers that brighten our days, regardless of weather, regardless of the stresses and strains of life today. Have a lovely weekend and thanks for taking the time to look at my posts…..

Here’s one of my favourites, the Geum – interestingly this one is grown in a container and has multiple coloured blooms….interesting as it should be red, but has yellow blooms too!


Garden Delights

Some time ago I purchased a box of wildflower seeds so having a rather empty border to one side of the garden I decided to simply scatter them and wait to see what if anything appeared. Within a few weeks I had what looked like a border full of weeds….but having left them to their own devices they have transformed into the most delicately beautiful display. The most wonderful thing about this patch of wildflowers is that you never really know what is going to flower next and the array of butterflies and moths as well as bees that have been encouraged into the garden by this tiny patch is amazing. Every day new flowers are appearing and every day more and more insects are coming in to feed and rest, including a very large dragonfly that seems to like the new bird bath and has dipped down onto it a few times. It just goes to show what you can achieve with the smallest of effort in an otherwise suburban garden, birds are coming in to drink and bathe, butterflies are stopping to feed and rest and bees are plentiful on the meadow mix of flowers and lavender, something I wouldn’t have expected just a few months ago. I have my own small patch of wildflower meadow, and a little piece of nature heaven.

41 Day 276 – I couldnt Buy You All Flowers….So Here Are Some Roses For The Weekend

To everyone who follows my blog I wanted to say thank you for all your support and kind words of encouragement, and although I cant send you all flowers individually (my bank balance wouldn’t allow!) Id like to share these roses with you all, Happy Weekend!

Something for the weekend

Something for the weekend

41 Day 256 – Explosion of Yellow

The sun has finally made its appearance! So in honour of this rare occurance I donned my gardening gloves and ventured into the shed, located my somewhat spiderweb encrusted trowel and rake and headed into the unknown….after several minutes acclimatising to the rather strange sensation of sunshine on skin I remembered just what hard work gardening is! But it is another of my absolute passions, getting you hands dirty and breaking nails all totally worth it to see those new shoots appearing from beneath the soil, gardening is in our blood and was something my Grandfather and Grandmother all taught me about from a very young age. One particular plant is absolutely stunning at the moment, a brilliant yellow Forsythia, all sticks and shoots until 3 days ago when it burst into the most glorious of yellow flowers from top to toe! Instant Summer! The house I live in does not have the best garden, mainly due to the poor quality soil which would suit clay pottery studies better, but having toiled over it several times I now have a border that is ready to accept the first seeds of the season. Hopefully comes Summer the border will be a riot of wild flowers, playing host to bees and insects, butterflies and bugs….my neighbours even kindly donated some rooted cuttings from a fabulous climbing plant that I have admired several times, so hopefully in a few months I will be sharing some of my efforts on here! Green fingers crossed!!photo-1



41 Day 158 – Riot reported in Town Garden

Ooh I do love a dramatic headline! I was reading the newspaper round my parents house this evening and noted how the more dramatic hadlines grabbed my attention, so I thought Id apply the same logic to my post tonight. Plus I have to say that the colour’s going on in my Dad’s containers are simply riotous! Pansies are a fairly widespread garden flower and I remember as a child planting them out with my Dad’s careful guidance and then once they had flowered and the seed heads dried out I used to collect them and scatter the seeds in the hope that they would return the next year, and happily they did! Only Id manage to scatter the seeds all over the patio and so most of the new flowers were appearing in the cracks between slabs! But I love pansies, the flowers always seem to look like faces smiling up at you come rain or shine, a truly cheerful little flower. The other images are of a slightly more hybrid flower, the Fuscia, my Mum’s favourite. I always think they look like tiny ballerinas twirling and pirouetting at the end of the stems, so delicate yet quite a long lasting flower (weather permitting). The problem with these is that they require quite a lot of management especially over the Winter as they really don’t like a hard frost. But the rewards of careful effort are stunning, where would we be without flowers?

41 Day 109 – Aquilegias Better known as Grannys Bonnet!

I seem to have a bit of a thing for flowers at the moment. I wonder whether its because for many months now we in the UK have been somewhat deprived of anything remotely bright and colourful. January and February can be such grey months although we do get the occasional sunny day, until the first snowdrops appear and then the first daffodils trumpet the arrival of Spring we live with bare branches and salt sprayed verges. So, my garden is leaping into action, the bluebells, azaleas and these gorgeous aquilegias. You dont get to see the best part of this flower as it hangs its head low like a bell, funnily enough they are also known as Grannys Bonnet or Columbine,  so I have tried to take a photo of the best bit, by laying on the grass and aiming skyward!