Fool’s Gold….But I like it!

Gold is beautiful, gold is desirable and gold is currency. For millennia gold has been sought after and coverted by almost every civilisation as far back as we have observed. Wars have been fought over it and traders still battle to secure the metal to guarantee wealth and status. For most of us mere mortals our wealth extends to a small quantity of gold in the form of jewellery, however we are lucky that we can walk into a shop and purchase it without too much effort (credit card at the ready!). In the past, people mined for the metal, sometimes in appalling conditions and with very little reward and sadly some were fooled in to believing they had struck gold when in fact they had unearthed Pyrite, an iron sulphide that with it’s shimmering brassy hue closely resembles gold, hence the name fools gold. Sometimes in life we believe we have ‘struck gold’ with relationships or jobs only to find we have been hoodwinked and left with a feeling of dismay. I can only imagine the reaction of those miners who for a while believed that they were rich beyond their wildest dreams, already spending the proceeds on¬†their hearts desires….¬†whooping it up and celebrating their success! To then be brought back to reality and told that they were fools must have hurt…..just goes to show that all that glitters is not always gold……..



41 Day 223 – Abstract Suspension

Its not often I’m stuck for something to photograph but the weather over the last couple of days has been wet and windy, not great for outdoor photography. So, whilst contemplating what to have for dinner, I noticed the chime that hangs from my curtain pole in my lounge, its actually a garden chime but as it was bought at the end of the Summer I didn’t manage to locate it outdoors! After photographing it from various angles I have decided that the straight on shot is most pleasing, the colour of the glass bead reminds me of the sun, glowing and fiery, a welcome distraction amongst all the grey gloom of late January!




41 Day 190 – Blue Sky Golden Leaves of an English Autumn

My office is thankfully not located in a city centre but on a small business park on the edge of Coventry. Around each office building are trees and shrubs of varying colours and size making for a suburban view from my window. I’m not sure what I would do without my view, it allows me to break from the emails and spreadsheets, occasionally distracts me with some goings on from the people hurrying back and forth, and if I’m really lucky allows me the sight of squirrels, rabbits and a lone fox, all adapted perfectly to their urban environment. So with the onset of Autumn the trees have morphed almost overnight from lush green to decaying umbers and veins of red, tumbling from their lofty limbs to the grey ground below, drifting on the breeze to the curbside and gathering in readiness for the winter winds that will scatter them around before being crunched under foot and returned to the soil to nourish the tree for the next years display and another glorious suburban view from my window.