The Friday Flower….Blue-min-lovely

This is Johnson’s Blue, the most heavenly geranium I know. The colour reminds me of a Mediterranean sky, even though it is very much An English cottage garden favourite. This one is 2 years old and has been kept in a tub rather than the border but that’s so that I can move it around to work with the other perennials. A little piece of heaven, the view from my doors…..


41 Day 167 – My Favourite Place on Earth, Lakeland

From the very first time I travelled to Lakeland in Cumbria I was mesmorised. The sheer beauty of this place is astonishing come rain or shine. Driving in to The Lakes is like stepping into a fairytale land of mountains and forests, lakes and waterfalls and although I have now visited many times I still feel like I am being transported to another world. But this place feels like home to me, I feel like I belong, I can feel lost and found all at the same time, a truly wonderful sensation to a sensitive soul like me! I can see why the likes of the poet Wordsworth made it their home, an endless bounty of inspiration, a feast for both the eyes and the soul. I haven’t been able to shoot much this week what with one thing and another but looking through my images of holidays past I found these gems, early photos from my collection, taken with my first DSLR a trust Pentax K100d, and immediately I was transported there, back to the fells and falls, the clean scent of the air and the heart-stopping view across this magnificent place.