The Friday Flower – After the Rain

Well Friday has rolled round again and what a week it has been. It started off on a positive note but unfortunately went down hill, however this seems to be the norm at the moment and so when Friday comes around it’s a relief. The tension in my neck and shoulders seems worse than ever and I think I need to see about some serious massage therapy, but until then I have my flowers to cheer me up and put the smile back on my face. Gardening has always been an outlet for me, more so now I have the greenhouse! This evening has been a treat as although it is cool, grey and damp the droplets remaining after the rain storms look beautiful on the emerging flowers and leaves, the plants seem as relieved as I do that it’s Friday, their stress has been lack of real water for weeks and so now they look refreshed and revitalised. Here is the sole surviving Allium, sadly last years terrible slug fest seems to have destroyed the other bulbs, but this one is a treat, I hope you like it! Have a lovely relaxing weekend and thanks again for all your views, likes and comments!



41 Day 279 – Dragons and Damsels

Fairy tales have always fascinated me, where did they originate and how come they have stood the test of time, having been handed down from generation to generation. Tales of ferocious dragons and damsels in distress, monsters and villains as well as the happy ending. Recently I was lucky enough to take part in a macro course held at the privately owned Alvecote Wood, and taught by the owner, who’s passion was clearly evident and her knowledge simply endless. Throughout the day we were advised on tips and tricks to capture the smallest of insects and flowers and it soon became evident that stealth and a steady hand were basic requirements in order that you didn’t scare the twitchy subjects away! More relaxed subjects such as the Burnets were somewhat easier to photograph as you could get in extremely close without them seeming at all bothered. At the end of the day I returned home armed with much more knowledge than when I had begun, taking a moment to look more closely at my images from the day. The subjects shared here are a Common Blue Damsel fly, apparently recognizable by the single black stripe on its thorax and the ‘ace of spades’ marking although they are so similar to the other damsel fly’s that I’m not 100% sure! The second image is a bit more difficult and I only have my guide book to go from, but taking a guess i think it may be an Emerald Dragonfly, but again the similarities to other species is so remarkable that I really wouldn’t like to say for sure. Hopefully someone may be able to correct me if I am wrong! Luckily neither of the subjects on this occasion breathed fire or seemed in any distress, so for these two it really was a happy ending!



41 Day 274 – Bugs Beautiful Bugs…..

Now the intention as I left home was to photograph butterflies, which to some degree I managed although the effort outweighed the results (more practice required!) but during the session I was distracted by a rather stunning little fella who was making the most of a thistle flower. Zooming in a little closer I was struck by the vivid black and red markings of this not so small bug which I have been told isĀ  a Six Spot Burnet. It spent quite some time clambering over the feathery flower head, at times losing it’s footing and clinging on until normal service could be resumed, pausing to look up occasionally and have a quick clean. One of it’s friends hadn’t been quite so lucky and it’s tightly bound body was being hauled upwards by a rather determined spider, not an easy task as the prey was 4 times his size and the fine threads of the web shook under the effort, threatening to free the incumbent from his bonds but I fear the struggle would have been futile as just below sat another spider casually waiting for the bounty to fall into his lap! Amongst all this dining the Burnet took flight but within seconds had landed somewhat un-elegantly on a blade of grass, clinging on for a moment before deciding it wasn’t quite so comfortable and so took flight once again. At this stage I reverted to the butterflies, but happy to have captured such a vivid insect going about it’s business.